Lack of interest Smilies Category for Specific User Groups

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I'm surprised to see that this functionality doesn't exist in the core.

Two reasons I could see this valuable.

1. ) If you have premium subscribes that you wish to give access to vanity smiley packs. Look at iOS 10 and iMessager with sticker packs selling for as much as a few dollars. In this case you'd want the smilies to display to everyone, but only be usable by the selected user group.

2.) If you have a set of emojis that you only want displayed to a specific audience. Maybe you have an explicit membership level within you forum and you'd like to filter out explicit emojis to those who don't subscribe to this content. In this case a default image could be displayed to non-supported members while all premium members would see the content as intended.

It shouldn't be too difficult to build this functionality into the core of Xenforo - and I think it'd add a lot of flexibility to the future of the platform - not to mention giving the 3rd party community more motivation to develop smile packs.
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