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Graphic Smiley pack - giving something back!

I never knew where to post so forgive me and move the post as necessary....I've just got my forums sorted the way I want them and am still learning about all the features but thought it'd be nice to share my animated skype smilies pack that was originally shared via phpbb forums by a member there. I love em and so do the members so I thought maybe I could offer them here for others to make use of?
I don't want to upset anyone so thought it best to ask prior to upl;oading the rar folder which I think is 1.78mb in size. Here's a screenshot of my shoutbox and smilies on show :)


If it's allowed just let me know ok?


Well-known member
Should be okay to share as long as the pack doesn't break any rules (like not allowed to be distributed) by the person who designed them. Honestly though, I can't see a problem in you sharing them.