XF 1.3 Smiley Import Error

Sorry - I give up searching for an answer.

I loaded a bunch of smilies to a Directory on my server. Then went to import from that directory. Everything looked good so far. But I get the following error after clicking Import Smilies - "Please enter valid smilie text."

So I enter some text in the "Text to Replace" box - and I get the same message. I'm sure I'm doing something dumb, but I'm still feeling rather "newbyish."
Well, I sorta answered my own question. FYI - the above error message appears if you have any text box unfilled (even one of 100 emoticons being imported), or if you have not created a category to import into and/or left one out of 100 unspecified. Apparently the "Uncategorized" default smilie list is not the same as using "None" in the importer category field and will yield the same error.

But now, another question please. I noticed another smiley directory. The default smiley list is apparently the /smilies.doodle directory. And there is another just /smilies directory. Is there some way to just direct the default to the /smilies directory instead of the smilies.doodle directory? There are many more smilies in the /smilies directory.


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The doodle smilies were the original smilies.
They were superseded by the current smilies.

What do you mean by "The default smiley list is apparently the /smilies.doodle directory"?
The default smilies are these:

Which are in styles\default\xenforo\smilies.

I suspect what you mean is not all of the smilies in that directory have been created?

You will need to add the additional ones yourself, if you wish to use them.
I believe there are several resources which may help with that.
Thanks Paul,

What I meant was that I counted 12 smilies in the smilies.doodle directory, and then counted 12 smilies in the default smilie list in the editor. Since I saw many more in the smilies directory, I wasn't sure what was going on. But I think I see how things are set up now. Thanks again.