XF 1.5 Small (searchable/filterable) custom databases?


is it possible (also with addons) to create small custom databases?

A little example: At the moment on my board are a forum for swapping university places (users creates a default thread). But I want it a little bit more professional and use a little database with custom fields (drop down with own/source university; drop down with target university and a radio box with semester).

I thought the resource manager may be the solution but I can't find a way to show only entries with a specific custom field value to filter the database (if there are hidden/undocumented URLs: please share your knowledge!).
[ When there are hundreds of entries and you want to swap away from your university, you want to show only the entries with your own university set as target university [ from the view of someone other ] ]

I found this addon: Showcase (Item Management System, Reviews, Guides, Garage etc)
But without a demo version I can not check if it meet requirements...