Slow import


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Next to me is a small NUC, many years old, but with M2 instead of a harddisc.
To play with XF i have some of the webs from the net here as a copy.
The usual way is to use myqsl-dumper/myoos-dumper to make a dump of the mysql, then rsync everything.
With own host (www. = internet, without www = homenet) on windows i can use the forum now at home.

So far, so fine. But ...

If i import the dump of a forum with only 5000 threads and 40.000 posts it needs more than an hour.
And that seems to be too slow, right?

Everytime i have to do this i think about a new home-server, but what this will change?
Maybe the CPU-Load is the problem here? 2.24, 2.09, 1.68
Could this be responsable for such a long time to import?

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