XF 2.1 Slow computer or slow system?


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I have a lot of old laptops here. At the moment i use a Lenovo x200T as my testserver. I use Ubuntu 18.4 in a simple version without any x or services i dont need. I have upgraded to 8GB RAM and a ssd. The only thing this machine should do it to show an intern XF2 with XDebug to PhpStorm on a windows machine.

While i have to rebuild an addon i have to wait sometimes two minutes or more. Maybe my system is not configured very well or the machine is just to slow?

While using the forum together with API to another XF in the net, everything runs smooth, but rebuild is very slow. Also to do a backup or insert a backup from the production server needs many, many minutes.

Any ideas on this?


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Just have stopped webmin.
While rebuild an addon apache needs 100% CPU for around 45 seconds.
We talk about a

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor SL9600 (2.13Ghz, 1066Mhz FSB, 6MB L2 cache)

Is this a normal behaviour?

Ram needs 2 from 8; Swap 0, 125 tasks, 73 sleeping.
While not rebuilding, the CPU needs less than 1%.


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The next machine to try is an old NUC with a I3 from 2015, i guess.
After some issues with php7.3 and 7.4 and a mysqli, that doenst want to work, i have now mysql8 and php7.4;
an upgrade of XF2 stays alsways under 30%CPU, Ram is used 1.6 from 8.
So maybe the waiting problem from a core duo is now gone. I will know it in some minutes.


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Everything is nice, but xdebug is not installed yet. I hope there will be no difference to now.
I have learnd so far that a test-server should be not older than five, six years.