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some good news, after that i created a sitemap for page 2,3,4.etc.

10th june i had 9423 links in my sitemap and 5422 indexed by google
5 days after that i add my new sitemap, 15th june i have
11 253 links in my sitemap and 7 030 indexed by google it means +30% pages indexed.

you have to take in consideration that my messages per page setting is 30. So i probably have less second pages that you have.

for now, i don't know if it will send me more visitors from google (that is the main question)
i hope it helps you


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Very interesting. I found an issue with my site that I couldn't reproduce here in so I haven't made any suggestion about it.

My community has always made their own rules about several isues and one of them is "one thread per discussion topic". For example the current COVID19 thread started back in february and is 295 pages long so far. However, I detected a problem with my search results: Google was not indexing the latest pages of that thread anymore. I started investigating and the problem is Google indexed every page of that thread with a date of February 2020 even though there are new pages every day with current content.

Apparently Google was taking the thread starting date that appears below the thread title as the date that every page was written, affecting the number of pages indexed by Google because they thought the content was very old:


I decided to change that date to the date of the first post of that page and Google noticed and started indexing every page. Now, I haven't noticed a substantial increment in my Google traffic, but it's been a change that's been live for only about three weeks. Again, this doesn't seem to affect but it was affecting my own site with an almost default style.

How to check if this affects your site? Go to a multi page thread spanning several weeks/months and type site: before the thread URL and search that in Google. For example to test it with this thread's url you need to type this in Google:

If every result is from the same date that the thread was created, then you are affected by this problem. On the other hand, if every result's date is from the first post of that page, then you are not affected.


I didn't know about the sitemap not including every page of a thread but I think it could help Google to index my site faster and plan to do it soon. I will release an experimental addon for anyone who wishes to test this on their own site. I am not a SEO expert but it might help you in the long run.


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I was playing around with the sitemap for a long time. In 2016 i've switched from sitemap indexing every page of a thread to just the first page. In days I've got a huge drop in search visibility.

Anmerkung 2020-06-16 175413.jpg

No Google Updates or Penalties where involved. It took me a long time to see that the drop started with changing the setting. After going back to indexing every page of a thread the visibilty went up again.

The thread indexing tools in 2.2 are a move into the right direction. In my opinion the best way would be, to display the whole thread on one site (maybe just for guests), cause why would you like to have a thread multiple times in the google index (maybe on page 3, 4 or 5) when you could have it one time in the pole position?


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I have released the addon. Please report back over the addon's thread if you find any bugs or if you have suggestions.



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Off-topic question: why did I get a notification about the creation of this thread? I am not watching the node where it was created, so it's a little strange.