XF 2.1 Site Suddenly extremely slow only with xenforo


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I logged into my site yesterday and it was suddenly slow. I had not made any edits, changes or anything to the site. The server load is extremely low with a lot of free memory and CPU. I updated xenforo to see if there was something that was causing it there, but its still running extremely slow. Both the admin and front end take an age to load.

I cautiously restarted the server. I recompiled nginx and change php version to see if these would help but the same issue is still occurring. I am not seeing anything in netstat or in top commands that send any real alerts.

I created a few test files that do some mysql connections and return data to see if these were causing an issue but all of these return really quickly without the issue.

After negating server based issues and other issues the only thing left is that something in xenforo is causing it.

Any help would be massively appreciated. (I am waiting to disable all addons now, takes an age to be able to get through the front-end)

site is https://silvertails.net

Max Taxable

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Does 636 requests and 2.3mb sound normal for your site? That's a ton of requests, only around 25 or so are xenforo if memory serves. You have buttloads of 3rd party stuff.

If the 3rd party stuff is slow, your site is going to be slow.

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