XF 1.5 Site is not responsive after changing its witdh


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Dear friends,

I like the default theme so I'm keeping default theme for my forum. But I don't like the full width of the forum so I tried to search here how to reduce the forum width and I found one topic here where it was showing how to reduce the width of the forum.
I tried that and it worked fine and reduced the width I wanted but problem is now my forum is not responsive anymore, I tested on phone and iPad both are not responsive,
Here is the screenshot what I did in ACP, maybe I did something wrong there, appreciate your help please.



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Thanks a lot
I added the following codes;
max-width: 992px;
margin: 0 auto;
box-sizing: border-box;

Now on iPad looks fine and fit and on mobile also. But I have to check now on computer if the width is reduced. I will check on computer in morning only.
Thank you for the prompt reply as always I wanted any support you were there. You are so active here, maybe you get less sleep :)


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That max width will apply to all devices - it's not something which is only applied to mobile devices.