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Add-on Simple Conversion Tool (Inches to Centimeters and Fahrenheit to Centigrade and the Reverse)

Brent W

Well-known member
I need an add-on that will convert Inches to Centimeters and Fahrenheit to Centigrade and vice-versa.

What I would like is for this to appear as a button (or other clickable object similar to this) at the bottom right of the browser on every thread page. Clearly visible and labeled as Conversion Tools.

When you click the button object it expands upwards to reveal the conversion box where you can input the data that you would like to convert. The conversions need to be done by simply entering data into the box. No submit button. Seamless and easy to use. Would prefer to use existing xenForo javascript and code and no other 3rd party code. Please explain if you see it needed otherwise.

Please PM me with your idea on how you will implement this and your price. Ready to send money.