Duplicate Similar Threads - a core feature that's never done right


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A lot has to be said for a good old similar threads feature that works well. I've never seen a good one out there for a forum and they can go a long way with increasing activity on a forum. Just look at what blogs finally realized when they started using 'you may also like' plugins. Engagement at its best. Not to mention the SEO benefits of linking together similar topics.

What we've seen:
  • Basic similar threads that match based on keywords in the title
What we really need:
  • Ability to exclude certain forums
  • Match similar threads only on other threads in a forum
  • Stopword filtering
  • Manual inclusion/removal of similar threads
  • Define keywords that should have more importance with matching two similar threads. For example, names of products
  • A display of similar threads that includes a thumbnail picture if available
  • Works with resource manager

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