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Silly Internet Brands, it's not your Intellectual Property, it's Mindraven's (UBB.threads) !

Digital Doctor

Well-known member
First off:
IB is suing Xenforo to squash a startup competitor (read: bullying). IB knows they don't have a case .... winning isn't the goal, it's bullying a challenger.
So at the end of the day, IB is going to lose the suit against Xenforo.

But, for the 1 in a million chance they do win, they'll still lose.
Why ? Because vBulletin was a derivative work inspired by UBB.

So IB, even if you win, you lose.

Unbiased Historical Map of Forums: (courtesy of forum-software.org).


I wonder if Mindraven could testify for Xenforo ?
Surely Mindraven is a more reasonable company than IB !