XF 1.2 Signup Button (or new image) not Triggering loginbar dropdown


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I'm not sure what I've done but, I can't get the default login button nor the image I've put there to drop down the login bar like, say, this site's does.

It just redirects into the /login/ page.

Best I can get it to do and I'm not even sure at this point what exactly it was, is get an overlay to trigger and show the forum, but it's transparent and looks bad.

Here is what I have in sidebar under the visitor section, at this moment, though I had started without the two divs:

<div class="section loginButton">
           <div class="secondaryContent">
        <label for="LoginControl"><a href="{xen:link login}" class="inner"><img src="joinnow.png"></a></label>
My default theme still works but I can't seem to sort it. Can anyone help me out here?

Edit: I've narrowed it to something with "LoginControl".. Also, have disabled all plugins.
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Your button doesn't include the selectors the JavaScript is looking for. Add the label around the link in your side bar HTML and it should function.


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I'm looking at your site and see the following code:

           <br><label for="LoginControl"></label></a><a href="login/"><img src="joinnow.png"></a>
What you most likely want is thus:
<br />
<label for="LoginControl">
  <a href="login/"><img src="joinnow.png"></a>
Obviously, using the xen:link syntax for the login link.

Your label isn't associated correctly.


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How are you seeing that?? The code in both the template and source:

<br /><label for="LoginControl"><a href="{xen:link login}"><img src="joinnow.png" /></a></label>
<br /><label for="LoginControl"><a href="login/"><img src="joinnow.png" /></a></label>


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I've just checked to ensure my other styles are off (and even though, I checked their code too), and I checked Chrome and FF source, and I'm seeing what it is supposed to be.

HOWEVER, when I use "inspect element" in chrome, I too am seeing some weirdness. What is with all the <a></a>'s ? and <label> does immediately close itself.

But source and template code all look normal, and everything else works right.

I've also disabled all plugins to test...

Edit: I did find this: ""Source code" is what the browser received from the server. It can be changed by JavaScript; the "Inspect Element" always shows the current shape of the document."


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This seemed to fix last night during my madness rush to find out why some of my css wasn't coming in. I had found two closing </a> tags were actually coded as <a/> - I bet that was it, considering all the strange <a> codes I had seen in the inspect elements! Yessssssssssssssss

If someone could edit [Solved] into the title I'd appreciate it.