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Signature Restriction (Advanced Permissions) [Deleted]


Formerly Dinh Thanh
Dinh Thanh submitted a new resource:

Signature Restriction (Advanced Permissions) (version 1.0) - More advanced permissions on user signatures.

This add-on add 3 permissions to each usergroup to restrict image, url, BBCode in signatures.

  1. Allow IMG or not (and how many)
  2. Allow URL or not (and how many)
  3. Allow formatting tag (BBCode) or not.
And This also adds 2 options to Options/User Options:
  1. Max lines
  2. Max characters


Well-known member
You have a couple typos in the phrases. The "I" in SIg should not be uppercase.

<phrase title="permission_general_SIgRestrict_formatting" version_id="1" version_string="0.9"><![CDATA[Use formatting tags in signature]]></phrase>
    <phrase title="permission_general_SIgRestrict_imgCount" version_id="1" version_string="0.9"><![CDATA[Allowed [IMG] in signature]]></phrase>
    <phrase title="permission_general_SIgRestrict_urlCount" version_id="1" version_string="0.9"><![CDATA[Allowed [URL] in signature]]></phrase>