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Signature Badge Script

Teddy Scott

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i think thats the problem..thats what I get for clicking on the members forum to get the url instead of typing it in by hand.


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I don't think my script will work if the forum is not using the full url rewrite system (no index.php in the url), this is an option somewhere in the xf admin area.

edit: hmmm, it actually does work.. awesome :D just my smart netry method doesn't work it out


If all loads but no text shows does that mean cURL or GD is not enabled ? The images load etc but no text for amount of posts etc. Any ideas ? It does work if i point it to my profile here though.


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There is nothing that can be done with your account, short of blocking your xml stats, to stop that from working.
As you can see from this link though, your stats work fine: http://xenforo.com/community/members/FreshFroot.701/mini-stats.xml

I've merged your thread with the main thread.
actually, that page says

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

- <errors>

- <error>

- <![CDATA[ This member limits who may view their full profile. ]]>

to me, maybe something is limiting his stats to non mods or admins?


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He just needs to set his privacy settings accordingly then.
ahhhhhhhh god that makes sense now. I changed those setting today!!!

Thanks Brogan for transfering me to this thread.

Now it makes sense...

I changed my privacy setting to friends only.

Guess I'll try and see if it works once I change it

Thanks so much guys! :)

Brandon Sheley

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My fail. It's too big to attach to a post (because of included fonts), so you can download it here:
Thanks, are there instructions on how to set this up as well?
I started reading the first few post and made it to page 3, than skipped to the end and started backwards :p
Do I just upload this folder and hit the index.php? I'll try it and see what happens.

(it would be nice if the first post has a link to this post as well as an "how to")

Thanks for providing this, our members will really dig it.