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Sidebar Poll - Allows adding a simple poll to your sidebar.


Allows adding a simple poll to your sidebar.

(Example of Sidebar Poll)

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  • All phrases start with sidebarpoll_ for your convenience.

This add-on requires the Sidebar Positions add-on....

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The Compatible versions just a heads up allow versions lower than 1.5, but the Sidebar positions addon is for 1.5 and up. Just noticed this and wanted to let you know. :)
@AndyB it may seem a little redundant with Thread Polls in the Widgets of XF 2.2 ... but I was curious if you would consider updating this for XF2.2 and allowing perhaps multiple polls to randomly carousel? Don't know how complicated that would be... would also be nice if you could post a poll WITHOUT having to post a thread. Just asking! Hope you're doing well!
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