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XF 1.5 Sidebar Order


Well-known member
I made a small sidebar template that includes a Twitter widget. I'm able to display the sidebar/widget just fine. The issue I'm having is the order in which the widget is displayed.

In the forum_list template, I inserted the following:

<xen:include template="jff_twitter_sidebar" />

right after the closing tag for

<xen:if is="{$threads}">

However the new sidebar, still shows up as the first item in the sidebar every time. I'd like for it to display right where I inserted it into the forum_list template.

Any ideas on how I can make that happen?


Well-known member
Thanks for the suggestion Andy, I was able to figure out the problem though. It was the template I was using as a base to create my sidebar. I fixed that and things are working as they should be now.