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Allan submitted a new resource:

Sidebar - Collapse & expand - Allows you to collapse the sidebar

Sidebar - Collapse & expand

- Tested on XenForo 1.3.x
- Keeps the user preferences (use jquery.cookie.js)
- Perfect integration
- Selectable on each style
- Responsive

- Upload "Collapse_sidebar" folder in /js folder.
- Upload "sidebar_toggle.png" in /styles folder.
- Import "addon-Collapse_sidebar.xml".
- Enjoy ;)

Authors: Malone and me...
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If you could make the add-on based on trophy points or minimum number of posts, I'd love to buy it. The reason is our community has lots of ads in the sidebar so it would be more appropriate if i.e. users with 500/1000 posts made to take advantage of that feature.


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Does this add-on have criteria/permissions ?

E.g. Collapse sidebar for specific forums, specific usergroups, for sticky threads etc....

An ability to completely remove the sidebar based on criteria above would be excellent.
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