XF 2.2 Showing a message


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Imagine this situation.
You have a button, click on it and something happens behind the scenes.
But dont know, if you have clicked or not.

Normally XF shows automatically a message, when you save something for example.
How can i show such a message (just show it and let it disapear again)?
I am shure there is a function for this like:

showSomething(phrase xyz);

when i edit this message, i can see such a message: your changes have been saved.


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Hmm, should be something like this:
return $this->redirect($this->buildLink('profile-posts', $profilePost), \XF::phrase('your_profile_post_has_been_posted'));
but i dont get any message.
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Yes, i think so, but cant remember.
Go and find such a typicall message, then find the phrase, then the file.
Probably you will find a lot of places for it.