XF 2.2 Showing 2FA enabled (or not) in profile


Hi all,

I'm looking for something that can show who has the 2FA enabled or not.
I know nothing about coding, so can only write my wishlist:

The thing is that when a user enables the 2AF it shows it in his profile, via a banner or an icon or whatever.
The same way, a faded icon/banner/etc shows when it is not enabled. This is, everyone would sport this one until enabling the 2AF

Ideally with a tooltip/emerging message when hover

The change between not enabled and enabled could be immediate or via cron.

Or maybe this already exists?

Help/suggestions/quotes will be welcomed
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Note that only recently active members will be promoted, all others will be promoted the next time they log in.

If you want to force it for all members, run the Rebuild user group promotions task in the Rebuild caches menu.