Show who closed a thread, and when (and why)


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I know the moderator log is available in the ACP but the problem with that is only administrators have access to it.

When a thread is closed, other moderators have no idea who closed it, or when (or why).

So instead of this:

I propose something similar to when a thread is deleted, albeit in the thread status rather then the forum view, i.e.

In the forum view would also work, but that would require a bigger change as currently locked threads appear identical to open threads other than the padlock icon.

A reason for closure would also be useful, making it an option as it currently is with deleted threads.


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I great suggestion which I agree with. :)

Tooltip for thread views. (y) Highly agree with this suggestion.
The only problem with Tooltips is they don't work on tablets or mobiles. There are times that admins and mods will be accessing their site with just a tablet (I'm sure @Brogan can vouch for that ;) ) so for information like this it would be nice if it was available on all devices.


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I use my phone about as much as I do my computer. Personally, I wouldn't mind clicking into the thread to see what the messages were.


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One of the few moderation features XenForo has that doesn't hold moderators accountable - definitely something I'm interested in.

As for mobile: Tooltips on the thread listing are fine by me - it's no problem to go into the thread to get more details; you'd probably do it anyway.