Show threads from X node where user has unique value in Custom Field


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Would this be better accomplished with using pages ?

How do I send the parameters via php from one page to the target page?

Workflow meta
Visitor clicks on a members name from a page of members and then is presented a page of the threads that member started from a specific forum.

Workflow detail
User clicks on page/namelist.php which generates a list usernames that have the 'blah' select from the custom field dropdown, using query:

Generate user list based on value from Custom Field blah
SELECT m.user_id, username, field_value
FROM xf_user m
LEFT JOIN xf_user_field_value p on p.user_id = m.user_id
WHERE field_value = 'blah'
ORDER BY username ASC;

Renders this: /page/member-name-list/
<a href="">John</a>
<a href="">Bob</a>
<a href="">Sally</a>

Then visitor clicks on one name listedt above and there's a second page that uses the user_id value to generate the second query:

(Enumerate thread list based off user_id from a specific node_id)
SELECT t.thread_id, t.node_id, t.title, t.user_id, t.username from xf_thread AS t
WHERE t.user_id = 7 and node_id = 77 
GROUP BY t.thread_id
ORDER BY last_post_date DESC;

Renders this: /page/members-posts-from-specific-category/

<a href="">Post1</a>
<a href="">Post2</a>
<a href="">Post3</a>

I'm sure there is a much simpler way of doing it but I'm blinded by code getting this far. :/
The only custom attribute in all the above is the defined unique custom field to get a means to sort some members from the regular populace.
Thank you, any help would be most welcome and appreciated.

Jon W

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Sorry for the late reply. Have been a bit busy over the weekend.

If I was to do this, I would use the built in search and just add on the terms that I wanted.

So, for example, I would add on the ability to search by custom field to the member search, and add the ability to search by member to the thread search.

I would then add a link from the member search results to the thread search.

I have already been asked to create a custom field member search, and I think the second is already possible, and adding the link should be a template edit (although I could do it as an add-on for you if you wish).

Perhaps you could just make a small contribution (£20-£40) to the custom field member search add-on, and then I will help you to implement it if you are having trouble.

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I now have something in place to tide me over, in the mean time.

My main goal is to have a dedicated page for listing members with X custom field set. If that aligns with your custom field member search project I will consider a new architecture. :)


Jon W

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It wouldn't be a dedicated page exactly, but you would be able to get to it by using the appropriate query string (e.g. "/search?customfield=foo&customvalue=bar").

It makes more sense to do it this way, otherwise a lot of time is wasted duplicating code which may then become out-dated if it is then updated in a later version of XF.

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The dedicated page is paramount, as members would opt in to having their names listed on the dedicated page, hyper linking their name to the posts they've created in a single forum.

XF updates are always a risk, and coding with core abstraction would minimize that, in theory anyway. ;)