XF 2.1 Show Forum submenu on default style



Maybe this is a dumb and obvious question, but... how do I get the Forums tab to either always display the drop-down arrow for sub-menu, or to have the sub-menu always displayed in a bar under the list of tabs, using the Default Style?

The Forums tab displays the drop-down arrow only after I scroll down the page a bit, and the tabs bar gets fixed at the top of the screen.



I'm also using the Shades of Grey and Shades of Blue styles, which always display the options under the Forums node in a separate bar. But I can find no setting that would enable that functionality for Shades of ... while keeping it off for Default Style.

Help, please?

Thanks in advance!

[edit] It seems that the links are there, but the ul .p-sectionLinks-list has the font-size set to 0. Which style option changes this?

[edit 2] That value seems normal, it's the .p-navE1 with a .889em relative size which doesn't seem to be calculated correctly based on normal text size. If I define the size in pixels, then all is fine:


Buuut I'd like to have just the normal text defined with a fixed size in pixels, and all other font sizes relative using the Major Second scale (1.125 progression ratio). https://type-scale.com/ Where is the normal font size defined globally?

[edit 3] Nope, back to .p-sectionLinks-list which forces font-size to 0 and breaks text size inheritance from body. Why is it doing that and what options do I have to keep using relative font sizes?
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