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Show forum moderators

Hi all

Ive searched through a lot of the addons that are available with this software and the only one i seem to be having difficulty in getting a working version of is "show forum moderators"

Id have thought it would be a relatively standard feature. I know you can see who staff's which forum through the members page but it would still be handy to have them listed in the forums themselves

I saw one addon that did not work with the latest software.

If im being blind, please can someone point me in the right direction?
Thanks for the reply @DEZero , it was on the nodes list i was looking for

I did see this one previously but it didnt work. When I saw it had been updated the performance concerns worried me a bit, but I will try it with the cache option indicated on the thread and see how that goes :)


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I don't think anyone has fixed that part, I had one on my forum but it overlapped with my subforums when they were visible and not a popup.