XF 2.2 Show footer link only on homepage?

Chris Radford

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Hey guys. We want to make the "VPN Netflix and casino" link in the bottom left of our footer only appear on our homepage.
I tried <xf:if is="$__globals.template == 'forum_list'"> </xf:if> but it didn't seem to work. Any assistance? Thanks!
Assuming you are editing the PAGE_CONTAINER template it would just be:
<xf:if is="$template == 'forum_list'">
You can't add HTML to the style properties in that manner - they are just for styling purposes.

Unless you're using a third party style which allows links to be added?
That's a third party customisation and we have no knowledge of how it works.

Try the code I posted above - it may work.

If not, dump the vars to see what the actual param is: {{ dump(vars()) }}
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