ShoutOut Kudos to a good hosting company I use.


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I would like give ShoutOut Kudos to a good hosting company I use.
My experience with a Company called Hostforweb, has served me well for a decade, I can't give to many details of the company due to XF, TOS. I will say they are fair and have worked hard for me over the years.

My experiences :
HFW staff does not install or host Xenforo in fact very few of their staff has heard of it XF.
However since last year running XF they worked with me at no charge to use this new XF .
I was a long time decade operator, of SMF still run 6 forums under SMF and they do install
and operate allot of software some paid some not. I was impressed today when upgrading to
1.4.5 and my site stalled out. They worked hard and looked into the file structure in Xenforo
a software they do not support, operate or install. They took 7 hours and fixed it . I admit
I was not happy having the site off line and the errors were created when they upgraded my server
two months ago. However they did not know this when they began troubleshooting and worked and fixed a
problem in XF. I need to stress XF was not responsible for the error, it was just contained in it.
I have always been impressed with HFW which started as this small 1/2 dozen server to now having
basement warehouse, air-conditioned server areas. The owner or one of them Max still answers support tickets
when they need special attention too . To me that says allot, they started from a staff of 4 and now have close to 40 people at what I heard last. Anyways people always have something negative to say about hosting guys.
After 10 years these guys work hard for you. Any company that will trouble shoot software they do not support
goes way above an beyond.

So thought Id say thanks you to them.