Shout out to Xenforo on 2.2 Upgrade


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Just wanted to give a shout-out to Xenforo's crew for a seamless upgrades.

Several months ago, I upgraded from version 1.5 to 2.1. We had limitations on PHP versions due to our ISP not having more recent PHP versions. Other than some add-ons in 1.5 and having to leave them behind, that upgrade was easy-peasy.

Our most recent upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2, couldn't have been any smoother.

I was able to get approval from the GIPHY folks for my 2.2 forum within two days based upon easy to follow instructions in the Xenforo 2.2 manual.

My system has 25 add-ons from @AndyB -- they also are working like a champ after the upgrade.

Thanks to all of you for quality software and support!


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Yep, was a pretty smooth upgrade all told. I only have one add-on, made by @Jaxel, but he had a 2.2 version out during beta and it works just fine. Happy am I.


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Good luck. I didnt have any problems. Just make sure you have the newest version of all the add ons and it's a breeze.

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I am anxious to get two 1.5 forums converted to at least 2.1. I would leapfrog to 2.2 but on one of the forums, only about a third of the add-ons are ready for 2.2. For the other, I haven't yet taken a tally. Thankfully all the add-ons, except one, are from long-time developers of these add-ons so I know they'll be supported. We had too many on 1.5 that were abandoned, but found replacements for 2.1 that were even better.

Upgrades always were smooth with XenForo. And I've seen my share. I was on board back when the original XF 1.0 was still in beta!


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We had too many on 1.5 that were abandoned, but found replacements for 2.1 that were even better.
Yep, I had that also when we upgraded to 2.1. One add-on that I really liked and was used on our 1.5 version has a new developer who wants to tie the add-on to our site. I'm not interested in doing that due to add-on developers closing their doors and forum operators stuck with old add-ons and the only way to upgrade Xenforo software is to remove the stale add-on.

I have found Xenforo's and AndyB's upgrades to go smoothly without a hitch.