Should I convert now or wait for the upgrade?


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I see that a new version of XenForo is coming out sometime in the next few months. Hence my dilemma. I'm using vBulletin 3.8.2, and summer is my forum's slow season. For that reason, it'd be easier for me to convert to XenForo now. But I don't want to have a big job on my hands, once the new version comes out. Then again, it's not an emergency situation. Any advice on what to do? How hard would it be to upgrade?


You will not regret it. Just Do It ;)
BTW there is a Demo you can try out
And if you really get in trouble there will be for sure a helping hand. Also for Free ;)


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Upgrading is fairly straightforward, although if you have a lot of edited templates you will need to revert any which have been changed in the new release and reapply your edits.

As principia says though, there's no reason not to install it now and get used to all the features and functionality, and then upgrade to 1.1 when it is released.

Upgrading is covered here:

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I was in the same situation, I thought about waiting for the upgrade to switch over to xF but I just couldn't wait any


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There are pros and cons.

If you like the features of the current version of XenForo, I'd say do it now.

The sooner you get it done the sooner all your new forum pages will be indexed by Google.

Past experience of people updating would also suggest there shouldn't be any issues upgrading to 1.1 on a stock forum.

I'm tempted too, but I intend to hold out to 1.1. That said, the latest legal update has made me feel even more compelled to burn my vB licence sooner rather than later :)


It isn't a big job.

Installing xenforo is easy, converting the data is very doable, and upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1 is as easy as installing it.

Run the board as vanilla as possible during the 1.0 period, get to know it, tweak the forum structure, usergroups and their permissions to your liking - and when 1.1 is out, the upgrade will be smooth, and you can customize it to your delight