Should Customer Service Be A High Priority?

Interesting take on this. I think they kinda dovetail together really, with both being really important and each one being more important in different scenarios. A classic devil's in the details situation.
Thank you FTL, you've summed it up perfectly.

I find it quite odd that such a simple concept seems to generally be outright rejected by a lot of people online.

😄If I ever treated my clients irl-in person—anything close to the same way online customer service staff appear to consider "appropriate"—regardless how good the quality of my services, I'd expect I'd quickly run out of work.

I mean, half my service responsibilities involve accomodating for clients-(*& employees)-individual preferences as best I can.

Of course it can sometimes be quite costly in immediate terms of time, money, effort, energy & etc—however in the long run this results with major benefits, like: repeat business, highly motivated employees, free advertising by satisfied clients & essentially endless demand for my services.😂 Plus happy customers are more often also happy to pay more too.
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