Should Craigslist and Kijiji have local warehouse stores ?

Digital Doctor

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Situation: Seller wants to sell a few things, but doesn't have the time to do so.

The obvious answer to this is that there is a solution for that ... a pawn shop.
But I don't think that works for many situations. #1) I don't want to haul the items to the pawn shop ... just to have them rejected. I guess that brings up an interesting idea .... pawn shops could have a role in this need .... ie. electronically approving items .. or having virtual items.

I'll often take items to the Local Re-Use center ... and just give it away.

Anyone ever heard of a pawn shop ... that you can send descriptions and pictures to ? And they will approve or reject them ?


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I can send a picture of anything to a pawn shop. I may not even own the item. See where this is leading?

Any pawn shop or business that is going to handle the item on consignment is going to want to eyeball the actual item first.