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I was wondering if anyone has coded this yet or knows how to code this:
It's a piece of code by AddToAny and makes sharing a thread very easy. I've used it on my vb forum like this one shows here: share.jpg

I know which template to use and where to put it: it's the inline_mod_controls template around the
<span id="InlineModControls">
	<span class="selectionControl secondaryContent">
		<label for="ModerationCheck">
			{xen:phrase select_all} <input type="checkbox" id="ModerationCheck" title="{$checkboxTitle}" />

		<input type="button" class="button ClickNext" value="&darr;" title="{xen:phrase move_down}" />
		<input type="button" class="button ClickPrev" value="&uarr;" title="{xen:phrase move_up}" />
		<a class="SelectionCount">{$selectedItemsPhrase}: <em class="InlineModCheckedTotal">0</em></a>
but I suspect it goes somewhere above that line because that would stick it inside the drop box, which is not what I want. I want it to the left of that menu. Somewhere to the left of the red on the on that sample. Testing - XenForo.jpg

I have the code:
<!-- AddToAny BEGIN -->
<a class="a2a_dd" href=""><img src="" width="171" height="16" border="0" alt="Share"/></a>
<script type="text/javascript">
var a2a_config = a2a_config || {};
a2a_config.num_services = 14;
a2a_config.color_main = "D7E5ED";
a2a_config.color_border = "AECADB";
a2a_config.color_link_text = "333333";
a2a_config.color_link_text_hover = "333333";
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- AddToAny END -->
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