XF 2.2 Share on Facebook issue


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I'm not sure if it is an issue at our end or at Facebook's, or something in between, but for the past month or so when I've shared a topic on our forums to our FB group only the title of the topic shows, not an excerpt of the initial post like before.

Has anyone come across this before or experiencing the same issue?

Also, if anyone knows how it can be fixed it would be appreciated



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This is an example thread:


This is how the pop-up looks when sending:


And this is how it looks once it reaches the FB group page:


Just the title shows.
This is the same for all posts including just text filled posts


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All sorted, it was an issue at our end 😚

The issue was the og:image was missing from our website root (Metadata Logo). Having migrated the files from the previous server it looks like a few files were misplaced during the ftp process....

Invalid Image Content Type
Provided og:image URL, [Image Link] could not be processed as an image because it has an invalid content type.

Once the missing file was identified and uploaded to the server, Facebook then re-indexed the file, and the 'share' function now works successfully.