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I might as well so a little show and tell. I'm still not completely done with my theme (there are many minor tweaks I still want to make), but I'm enjoying it overall.

I'd like to introduce Shadowlack.


Shadowlack is a play-by-post roleplaying game and original science fantasy world building project. We've been around for ages (over a decade) as a little niche roleplaying game, and have tasted a wide variety of different software (ezBoard, Ikonboard, IPB, and several custom solutions). We're currently cozied up with Xenforo and are liking it so far.

A few notable features:
  • Custom character registry & character selection functionality when creating new threads/posts
  • MediaWiki integration
  • Unique "cipher" bbcode
  • Buzz board for in character gossip
  • Further site integration with Taigachat Pro (buzz notifications, new character creation, etc.)
  • Annual stars on profiles
  • Gender as a text field ('cause who really needs the gender binary?)
  • Illustrated board icons
  • Site currency: Glims
  • Word count wars!
Please feel free to give any and all feedback. I'm always open to improvements. :)

shadowlack_characters.pngshadowlack_profile.pngshadowlack_profile_character.pngshadowlack_post_as.png shadowlack_bbcode_cipher.pngshadowlack_chat_buzz.png


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Nice, liking where your going with the purple colouring.

A little issue with the .messageUserBlock .arrow span in your message user block.



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Loving the look of the site, too bad I ain't into RP, otherwise I'd definitely check it more in-depth! Good job!


FINALLY! A forum that lives up to its name! I love the colors, I love the layout, and I LOVE everything about this forum. I do a lot of reviews and I've personally noted some forums up to 6-8's, but if I had to rate your forum, you'd be a 9/10, a 10/10 would have a bit larger selection to post in though.


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Glad you like it! We have a few more boards, but they're currently hidden from public view. I plan on making them all view-able by the public in the future though.

In terms of development, I've added a few more features. I found most of the "points" add-ons lacking, so I created my own. The board now has its own currency called "glims." Glims are gained through roleplaying only. If you reply to roleplaying threads in a timely manner, you also receive a "thread streaking" bonus which increases the amount of glims that you get. There are trophies for both glims and successful "thread streaks." The system also tracks your daily roleplaying word count and displays it in a graph. I'm working on adding rewards for monthly top word counts now, and also creating my own shop. :)