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Hi, I need to setup the email regestration on my xenforo forum, whenever i registered account on my xenforo forum it says " Please confirm the email by clicking confirmation email in your inbox" but i never received an email there, so i untick the email confirmation box for time being from admin panel. How can i setup this so new user can received the confirmation email in their inbox and verify their account, should i need to setup the smtp for that or what. please guide me. thanks


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I’d check the spam folder in your email to be safe that it didn’t end up there by mistake. You do need to configure your email settings from within the ACP options. Each ISP has their own settings for POP3 and IMAP, just Google whomever you’re using to get the details. It’s really pretty straight forward once you dive in.

Will Franco

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As I understand it, the confirmation email goes to the user, not the admin. Like @Dryline said, it sounds like the SMPT relay isn't configured correctly. Once that's working, when a user registers for an account, they will get a confirmation email. However, if you want to get an email, when a user registers, you will need an addon; we use Registration Email by XF2.
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