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Hi guys,

I have zero knowledge in how to setup it up if I buy a license. I’d like to setup a forum for my website. Any ideas how much it would cost to install and setup all in?
I’m wondering if it’s gonna cost under a $1000.




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An XF license costs $160.

A domain can be purchased for as little as $10 a year.

Hosting is available from under $100 a year.
Thanks Brogan, but how much is it to have someone do it for me, like all in. I only have a domain and wanna purchase the license. I guess I need someone to put on a server or something like that?


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I would need it, can you direct me to where I can get installation and perhaps hosting?
You can purchase the installation service on


For hosting you can checkout Hawk Host or KnownHost. Shared hosting should be fine from either of those companies.

for someone with no knowledge is this hard to administrate on the regular?
Forum administration is straightforward and easy in my opinion but learning the forum tools/features and what they do may take some time.
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