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borbole submitted a new resource:

Set User Online - It will you to add users online

This mod will allow you to add an user online for the entire session activity duration. You can do that on an user per user basis. To do that, when editing an user, under the Action drop down tab there is a new option added called: Set User Online. There you can add that particular user in the online list.

Once added that user will appear as Viewing forum list in the online list.

You can add as many users as you like to the online list.
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Borbole Said :
The mod works fine. You say it crashed your forum and yet you do not provide any info at all regarding the error that you supposedly got. Regarding the private message, I told you to post the error at the mod 's support thread which can be found here:

When The Admin Control Panel Only Display A Blank White Page , What Would The Error Code Be?

I was inviting you to look at my forum so you could see whats wrong yourself.
I Found A Error in your code by the way.
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