Set-up Apache piped logs (/usr/sbin/rotatelogs) to stop APC cache refreshing daily


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Having moved to a new server last week I'm still fiddling with the configuration and one thing I've come across (that was probably present on my previous server but I never noticed because I didn't have munin with APC cache recording) is that when Apache logs are rotated in the early hours of each day the APC cache is cleared.

The server then rebuilds the cache the following day only to have it reset again when the next log rotation cron event happens. A daily build and trash of the APC cache.

I've read-up on piped logs using rotatelogs but there's never any mention of whether you need to disable the Apache part of the scheduled cron log rotation and whether rotated logs are deleted after a period or whether rotatelogs just continues creating new logs indefinitely (and you have to manually prune log directories)?

Any of you using rotatelogs instead of the default logrotate?

Or maybe the alternative cronolog?

Shaun :D
Don't really see it as a problem, think of it as a automatic clearing of APC cache fragmentation on daily basis :D
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