Implemented  Set Time Limit For Post Edit


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well, currently users are able to EDIT their post which might result into confusion when the specific text is being changed (e.g. 3 days after the original post).

This might also get into bad behavior/cheating, etc. and other risks when people are able to completely change their content later on (maybe to something totally different in context or meaning).

I would suggest of setting a Time-Limit as to which posts/comments are allowed being altered (e.g. 1 hour).


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also, i would like an option that allows us to edit the first post indefinitely ... :)


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I prefer to have unlimited editing time.

So if it's implemented than I suspect it will be via an ACP setting.


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I sure hope it is alterable for each site, at least. This should be in the admin cp, unless there is a reason not to have it.


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Currently it's either on/off but no way to input a time limit cutoff for users editing their posts.


I certainly agree with this being needed. As was originally stated above, nothing like confusion caused by changing a post after a number of responses are referencing that one.

I would like to expand this a bit, however. In addition to the time limit, perhaps an option that will not allow post edits after a reply is made. I think it could go hand-in-hand with this topic.

Anthony Parsons

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This really needs to be an ACP feature IMHO... as there is no way I could let users just have unlimited editing due to frantic rages that occur and then suddenly a thousand posts say *********** in them, completely destroying entire discussions. The other end, is that I can't let them have zero editing either, as due to the nature of my forum, there are rules about grammar for readability issues for those who have suffered trauma.


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I don't mind the editing, I would like to see an edited by xxxx and when.
yes i think this is a must. It's critical to many communities. To keep track of who edited the post. Sometimes, admins will go and edit posts and that will cause issues.


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maybe you should have a log for admin to see what have been changed
and under the post you should know when did he/she change the post


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Just curious with this suggestion, I would like to hear from the developers on this one.

Is this something that Kier and Mike will add or is there a reason to not have an edit time limit? Is this something that could be created as a mod until it's in the core?