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As an Admin I have an option to "Set Thread Status" = Open (People may reply to this thread) or not (uncheck Open). I'd like to give posters the ability to post non open threads so only they can reply to their own thread without community input. Is it possible to set this on "User Group" level? Where would I set this? Thank you.


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Locking threads and the ability to reply to locked threads are typically moderator level permissions and affects all threads in the forum where those permissions are granted.


We are in process to migrate from vBulletin to Xenforo and missing this key feature. We have a very popular forum in vB designed for exactly this purpose and members loves it.

@SnoSheriff how did you handle the situation?

@Brogan I opened the support ticket for this but got the same reply as you said about. Could you please provide the exact permission variable under user permissions which allows allows this option? The ID for which its working is not an admin. Its a moderator ID.

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