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I am playing around with PWA for my forum. Basics are simple, and it works pretty great. but it would be great if we could have access to a service file worker content.
Usage cases:
1. I have a forum as a subfolder for a large domain with already existing service worker, including caching and notifications. This service worker has a scope of '/' and Xenforo is using a score of /js/xf/. Since I already manage notifications in the main service worker anyway, I could just disable "yours" and take care of the notifications myself.
2. Adding WorkBox is dead simple to include and gives an easy and flexible way to precache resources. I could manage this in the main service-worker, or I could create a different service worker if only I had a better way to manage the file than patching source code of js files... But I think, you could look into proper caching and preaching styles and js using workbox as a tool...
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