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Server Errors


Forum fell over yesterday for no apparent reason with server errors - got on to hostgator who eventually "fixed" it but were unable to say why it was coming up with a server connection error.

All seemed fine till about an hour ago and it now fails when you try and display the forum boards .... home page / staff / events all work .... as does "whats new" etc

The error is as below

Screen shot 2012-04-08 at 12.30.42.png

Any ideas ? .....

Also it looked like hostgator may have been altering files as the congig file was different on my two server copies

my www copy was

Screen shot 2012-04-08 at 12.44.37.png

my public_html was

Screen shot 2012-04-08 at 12.44.05.png

I've reloaded the public_html one as www