XF 2.2 Server Error Log (Email Related)

I have integrated my email services to Xenforo using IMAP. Everything was set up correctly and was even double checked by my hosting provider. However, I am now receiving a server error within the ACP.


What exactly does this mean and how can I resolve it?
What exactly does this mean
Unsubscribe connection error
There was an error while trying to connect to the IMAP server to process unsubscribe emails because

host doesn't allow connection

how can I resolve it?
Fix that connection issue ;)

Yes I know this doesn't help much, but there could be a zillion things that could cause this like (osrted from most likely to unlikely)
  1. Incorrect configuration
    Did you triple check hostname, port, protocol and encryption settings?
  2. Firewall rules either on your server, on the target server or somewhere in between
  3. MAC (SELinux, etc.)
  4. etc.
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I have worked on fixing this. However, the issue is only limited to the bounced and unsubscribed features. I spoke with hosting support a second time; this time they opened ports, had me change some information, the whole nine yards. Which seemed to initially resolve the error messages I was receiving. We switched from SSL on the bounced and unsubscribed to TLS. Even now, I'm still not receiving the error message I was before, but now it's something different:


I keep getting these error messages for both the bounced and unsubscribe options. What does this mean?
I wouldn't think you would be getting a 354 for a IMAP/POP check for email.... I thought it (and 554) were actually SMTP errors.
Are you sure your bounce/unsubscribe are using either IMAP or POP3 for login?
Generally you have to have separate accounts for the bounce and the unsubscribe.. you can't use the same email address that you do for the rest of your site. I have 5 accounts for my site... my normal user one, the admin one, a default "sending" one (a no_reply), then the bounce/unsubscribe accounts I access via imap.
Well, 'and' is the most profound question in the universe, isn't it? 🤷‍♂️ Just as much as "well" is a deep subject.
You said it was "solved"... the question of "and" is most appropriate... and the solution was is the full phrase.
You see... the entire point is to help others that may have (or will have) similar issues... just saying "it's solved" is pretty much useless.
It's kind of like saying "I have a deadly disease"... then coming back and saying "I'm cured". People with that issue maybe would like a hint of the "cure".
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