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XF 1.3 'Server Error Log' And 'File Health Check'


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Hello Gang!

I'm getting a "Server Error Log" for what appears to be related to "Widget Framework". Before I go asking the add-on maker for help I reinstall all the add0on files and cleared the error log. I got another error almost right away. Next I did a "File Health Check" I got a message back about "fb_channel.php". I don't know what this file does or if it effects "Widget Framework" but I would like to correct this before I move onto contacting ""Widget Framework" about the issue. Can someone tell be how to correct this issue?

Many thanks,



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Ok, it turns out they are unrelated. I figured this one out on my own... I replaced the (fb_channel.php) file and that fixed that problem. I simply found the file in the contents of the zip file from the last Xenforo update I did and replaced it in the server.

As for the "server error", I downloaded the add-on again and found the file "WidgetRenderer.php" within the upload contents and replaced it in the server, /library/WidgetFramework/WidgetRenderer.php. No luck with that. Next I compared the two lines of code on line 482 before and after uploading it to the server and it was the same. So no luck there.

I then Googled that line of code "$sandbox = @create_function('$params', 'extract($params); return (' . $expression . ');');" and found some info saying it was probably another widget causing the problem. So that brought me to what I tried next....

I checked off all the widgets in the widget list in the ACP and cleared the server error then refreshed the forum home page. I went through each widget one by one until I found the one that was causing the error. Turns out it wasn't something I wasn't using, it was and old notice I had up months ago. I deleted the widget and all seems to be working correct now.

I know now this probably isn't where this thread should be but I just wanted to share the fix for anyone else that has found this thread by searching, good luck!

Be well,