Server Donations


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Does anyone know of a Good Free Alternative to - Promoted Accounts
that will still let me grant ranks for periods of time based on a payment players made?


This would be a cool feature;)

User Upgrade: "Donation"
1-5$ => move to group1 for 1 month
6-10$ => move to group1 for 2 months
11-20$ => move to group 1 +2 for 2 months

ATM we would need to create a own User Upgrade for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7... $


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Cause what I'm doing is hosting a mincraft server, that's Linked directly to the forums. So if you make somebody an admin on the forum they become an admin on the Server. So people who donate get VIP for 1 month so if there was an automatic system that could do that it would be instant for the users and more Desirable due to the response time :) I already have a program that links the server to MC server Permissions and the XenForo User Groups