Server build, need suggestions

I run a small dedicated box for my business site, as well as one Xenforo install and a couple of other smaller sites. I think there are 10 sites in total in a LAMP environment. A few of them are running WordPress, but nothing real resource intense.

Current specs:
  • Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 180
  • 4GB DDR
  • Raptor 10k Drive
Any suggestions on CPU/motherboard/memory? I have a SSD that will go in the new machine. I would like to keep the power consumption low, and don't need a speed demon. I have a new i5 3570k sitting here, but was contemplating selling that, and buying an i3. Cost wise, I would like to keep the build in the $200 range, considering I wont need a PSU, case, drives, etc.


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If you already have the i5, go ahead and use it. If you don't need a PSU/Case/Drives, all you need then from the sounds of it is a mobo? I decent i5 mobo/RAM can be had for under $200 pretty easily.

XF should be perfectly happy on this hardware and run rather well, especially with that SSD.
I was thinking the i5 is a bit over kill. Anyone have experience with Atom based machines for hosting? The power savings would add up over time... The load on my Opteron never averages above .12, which is why I thought the i5 would be a bit much.
I have since upgraded the drive to a SSD, but will leave the board/CPU/mem the same. I don't think I'll go with an Atom either, unless someone has volumes to speak about their performance.


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I'm using a Pentium G3220 Haswell chip in my storage server at home with ECC RAM. Based on what you've said here, I think something like that would completely destroy your existing workload. The chip is usually around $70, which might fit nicely into your budget. A server board for ECC would likely be outside your budget, but cheaper desktop boards would probably work just fine. Something like this:
A Haswell chip like that would also likely cut your power consumption considerably. With 16 GB of RAM, 3 x 3 TB HDDs, a 120 GB SSD, and a 24 port network switch, I'm only drawing about 50W of power.