Add-on Separate Post Count

Eoj Nawoh

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Essentially, I am looking for a second Post Count field that would track Posts in a separate forum.

Let me explain:
Node A
Node B
Node C

Node A&B add to the user's post counts, however Node C does not. What I want to do is have a thing under it saying "Node C Post Count" and have it display the user's posts in that forum.

Thank you.


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Ah okay, I don't have a need for it, but I will like the post to help out as it seems like a useful plugin to some!


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I would be willing to chip in for this too. I will have a category of forums that I want to display a separate post count for (think classifieds). I think it would be ideal to make it an option in admincp for each top level forum/node category whether or not it should have its own post count, be combined with the other nodes/forums, or not be counted in any post count at all.