Separate email settings for non-transactional mails


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Up until now, XenForo basically only sent transactional mails (with the exception of manually sent news).
With the upcoming activity summary email in XF 2.2 this is going to change.

Especially for boards with a potentially high volume of emails/recipients, it might be a good idea to not mix transactional and non-transactional (eg. marketing) emails on the same sender address/sending mailserver as marketing emails tend to get marked as spam by recipients (although users opted in to receive them).

As this could negatively affect sender reputation and it is usually a goal that transactional emails always get through to the recipient, it might be desirable to use a different sender in this case.

I therefore suggest to add a new configuration options (Sender name, Sender address and transport method) for non-transactional emails, if unconfigured (default) it should fallback to the existing settings.
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Agree - it is actually quite important to separate transactional from non-transactional emails for sending reputation management.

I do this in my SparkPost addon - bulk emails sent via the admin UI and Welcome emails are marked as non-transactional while all other emails are marked as transactional.

For the new XF2.2 Activity summary emails it will be kind of critical to have these marked as non-transactional to avoid delivery reputation issues.


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I worry about this a lot actually. I'm looking to transition from Threadloom emails to the Activity Summary emails but am worried about our domain getting flagged for spam and the associated delivery reputation issues.