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I have been working on getting SEO Tips | Search Engine Optimization Tips For Your Site site going with Wordpress and XenForo for about a week now... converted the forum from MyBB to XenForo and been working on the forum style for a week as well. - Wordpress - XenForo

There are still some fixes coming to the style for the XenForo installation...which will need some help on fixing it to it full style and working on changing things around with it as well.


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Using Minamaze for the Wordpress theme.
Using Flat Awesome for the XenForo theme, customized it to look similar to the Wordpress theme as much as I could.


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I like the simplicity but you can with a bit more effort make the styles match 1:1 if that is something you are really trying to do.

My quick assessment as follows:

- You need to adjust the fonts within the XF style for size/weight/etc

- Primary content font should be at least slightly darker for readability across various monitors.

- Title in the top right of the page has caps differences between the two, as your logo is basically this text I would advise adjusting this so they match as well as this is pretty much your only branding.

- The search box needs work

- XF Breadcrumb can be replicated and created within WP or WP breadcrujmb styling can be replicated within xf style

- WP menu can have drop downs with links matching the XF navigation styled to match

- There are some overlapping issues that should be sorted when viewed at mobile dimensions.