XF 1.2 SEO of Xenforo Forum

How do I do the SEO of Xenforo Forum?

I basically want to no-index a specific type of things. How can I do that and optimize my forum for SEO?

Jake Bunce

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By default, memberlist is "turned off." So, the only thing visitors and google will see is the "notable members" list. Just an FYI.

This is standard going from 1.2 and up.

BTW: SEO is a simple toggle, nothing much else needed to be done.


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Google is indexing the members as well in my case :(
Hm. I see. Well, no-index your memberlist, then. :/

I could understand that at my site, google's indexing members because it used to be on the old memberlist (a to z listing, ya know). And that I'm using sitemaps.


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check this mod


it will help u in exclude some url from sitemap and index them in google
if u make the memberlist & member profile are none view by guest google will not index them also

other than this addon u dont need any modification or mods for seo
i try to search for something but i didnt get any thing and thx god the built-in seo is great ^_^ also u must have a good content so google will index ur site fast