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SEO Help...removing pages/plugins


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I'm not SEO expert by any means so bare with me :).

While cleaning up our site, we want to remove certain things such as pages and some addons.

Page example being...


And add-on being the event plugin by jaxel, is there like a best practice to go about... we disabled the event plugin awhile back and have hundreds of errors for it(crawl errors), so ya... what's the way to avoid this(other than don't change your site around a lot heh).


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Would redirecting our old pages to our main forums be better than disallowing you think?
Personally I think it would be because if those pages are already indexed then you want them to eventually fall out of the search engines; using .htaccess to do a 302 redirect to a different URL would achieve that.


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I agree with what Kevin says. Additionally it also makes a difference weather or not your webmaster tools show links from other websites to your non existing pages.